Divinity Original Sin 2 Skill List For All Schools (2023)

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With 10 schools of magic and completely unlocked character progression, there are a staggering number of skill combinations available in Divinity: Original Sin 2!

Ty Arthur

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More than 100 different skills are available to your Divinity: Original Sin 2character, creating an absurd range of character builds focused on anything from teleportation to summoning to constantly knocking down and stunning enemies.

Below we list out absolutely every single base skill in the game across all 10 schools, including those created by combining books from different schools.Wondering how to craft some of those higher level skills instead of finding or buying the skill books? Check out our full skill crafting combination guidefor all the information you’ll need.

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Each entry includes the required level and whether Source points are necessary to utilize the skill. Note that the levelcolumn refers to your level in the corresponding skill (Aerothurge, Necromancer, etc.) and not to your overall character level.

Some skills require levels in more than one category and are marked as such (such as required Aerothurge level 1, Hunstman level 1). Keep in mind that some of these skills can be bestowed by items, such as the Teleportation Gloves, and in those cases no skill levels are required. Any skills gained by the Corpse Eater talent, however, do require levels in the relevant skill category.

Don’t forget that the negative status effects for a skill are only set on the opponent if their physical or magical armour (depending on the particular status effect) has been lowered to 0. Battle Stomp for instance doesn’t actually knock down enemies until their physical armour has been depleted first.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Aerothurge Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
Blinding Radiance Aerothurge1 No Air damage, Blinding Aura 1 turn
Electric Discharge Aerothurge1 No Ranged Air damage, Shocked 2 turns
Favourable Wind Aerothurge1 No Increased move speed aura 3 turns
Shocking Touch Aerothurge1 No Melee Air damage, Shocked 2 turns
Erratic Wisp Aerothurge1
No Teleport when attacked, air resistance +40%
Breathing Bubble Aerothurge1
No Ignore clouds and suffocation
Vacuum Touch Aerothurge1
No Air damage, Suffocation/Silence 1 turn
Vaporize Aerothurge1
No Remove Petrified/Frozen, turn ground surface into clouds
Smoke Cover Aerothurge1
No Creating obscuring cloud
Teleportation Aerothurge2 No Teleport target character or item
Dazing Bolt Aerothurge2 No Area effect air damage, Shocked 1 turn
Nether Swap Aerothurge2 No Two characters swap places
Pressure Spike Aerothurge2 No Condense clouds, douse fires, deal air damage
Uncanny Evasion Aerothurge2 No Increase dodge and movement speed
Apportation Aerothurge2 No Transport pickable items to inventory
Vacuum Aura Aerothurge2
1 Air damage, Silence/Suffocation aura
Mass Breathing Bubbles Aerothurge2
1 Allies ignore clouds/Suffocation
Evasive Aura Aerothurge2
1 Dodging/move speed increased in aura
Blessed Cloud Smoke Aerothurge2
2 Invisibility cloud
Chain Lightning Aerothurge3 1 Air damage forks up to 8 times
Tornado Aerothurge3 No Moves randomly across battlefield, clearing status effects and revealing invisibility
Superconductor Aerothurge3 No Area air damage, Shocked 1 turn
Closed Circuit Aerothurge3 2 Close range area air damage, Shocked 2 turns
Thunderstorm Aerothurge5 3 Air damage to targets in range 3 turns

Divinity Original Sin 2 Geomancer Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
Poison Dart Geomancer1 No Poison damage, create Poison puddle
Contamination Geomancer1 No Close range area effect Poison damage, turns liquid into Poison cloud
Corrosive Touch Geomancer1
No Destroy physical armour, set Acid 2 turns
Fortify Geomancer1 No Add physical armour, remove status effects, can’t be teleported
Fossil Strike Geomancer1 No Ranged Earth damage, creates oil slick
Oily Carapace Geomancer1
No Consume oil surface to restore physical armour
Turn To Oil Geomancer1
No Convert liquid surface to oil, remove status effects
Venom Coating Geomancer1
No Add Poison damage to weapon attacks
Throw Dust Geomancer1
No Ranged Earth damage, Blinded 1 round, clear clouds
Mind Metal Geomancer2 No Restore physical armour in aura
Reactive Armour Geomancer2 No Deal damage based on physical armour in wave
Impalement Geomancer2 No Ranged Earth damage, Crippled 1 turn, creates oil slick
Poison Wave Geomancer2 No Close range area Poison damage, Earth immunity 1 round, creates Poison cloud
Earthquake Geomancer2 No Area Earth damage, Knockdown 1 turn, creates random oil slicks
Worm Tremor Geomancer2 No Area Earth damage, increased damage and status effects to enemies without magic armour
Corrosive Spray Geomancer2
1 Destroy physical armour, set Acid / Atrophy 2 turns
Mass Oily Carapace Geomancer2
1 Aura version of Oily Carapace
Venomous Aura Geomancer2
1 Aura version of Venom Coating
Dust Blast Geomancer2
1 Ranged Earth damage, blind 2 rounds
Summon Artillery Plant Geomancer3 1 Plant throws Acid damage and Poison clouds
Siphon Poison Geomancer3 No Remove Poison clouds, increases weapon damage based on size
Living Wall Geomancer3 No Vines block path, create Poison clouds
Acid Spores Geomancer3 2 Ranged Poison damage
Pyroclastic Eruption Geomancer5 3 Ranged Earth damage, create oil slicks

Divinity Original Sin 2Huntsman Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
First Aid Huntsman1 No Restore Vitality, removes status effects
Elemental Arrowheads Huntsman1 No Range weapon deals elemental damage (requires close range elemental source)
Richochet Huntsman1 No Ranged attack forks to extra target
Pin Down Huntsman1 No Ranged attack, Crippled 1 turn
Reactive Shot Huntsman2 No Automatically attack next 3 targets entering area
Barrage Huntsman2 No Ranged attack vs. 3 targets
Tactical Retreat Huntsman2 No Haste and then teleport
Ballistic Shot Huntsman2 No Ranged attack, increased damage for further range
Marksman’s Fang Huntsman2 No Hit all enemies in line, ignores armour
Sky Shot Huntsman2 No Range attack with high ground bonus regardless of position
Glitter Dust Huntsman3 No Target is Marked, can’t turn invisible
Assassinate Huntsman3 No Ranged attack, major damage bonus if in stealth
Arrow Spray Huntsman3 1 16 ranged attacks in arc
Farsight Huntsman3 1 Increase range of attacks
Arrow Storm Huntsman5 3 Area effect ranged attack

Divinity Original Sin 2Hydrosophist Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
Armour Of Frost Hydrosophist1 No Increase magic armour, remove status effects
Rain Hydrosophist1 No Douse fire, create Wet surface
Restoration Hydrosophist1 No Heal Vitality, remove status effects
Hail Strike Hydrosophist1 No Range Ice damage, creates Frozen surface
Cryotherapy Hydrosophist1
No Convert Frozen surfaces to magical armour
Healing Tears Hydrosophist1
No Heal 3 allies in aura
Vampiric Hunger Hydrosophist1
No 50% Vitality life steal / 2 turns
Cleanse Wounds Hydrosophist1
No Heal Vitality, remove status effects
Soothing Cold Hydrosophist2 No Restore magical armour / 3 turns
Winter Blast Hydrosophist2 No Water damage, set Chilled, create Frozen surface
Ice Fan Hydrosophist2 No Water damage 3 targets, set Chilled
Global Cooling Hydrosophist2 No Close range area damage, set Chilled, create Frozen surface
Cryogenic Stasis Hydrosophist2 No Target immune to damage, regenerates health
Healing Ritual Hydrosophist2 No Restore Vitality, jumps to multiple allies
Mass Cleanse Wounds Hydrosophist2
1 Aura version of Cleanse Wounds
Vampiric Hunger Aura Hydrosophist2
1 Aura version of Vampiric Hunter
Mass Cryotherapy Hydrosophist2
1 Aura version of Cryotherapy
Deep Freeze Hydrosophist3 No Targets with low Vitality die, otherwise Water damage and sets Frozen
Arcane Stitch Hydrosophist3 1 Fully restore magical armour
Steam Lance Hydrosophist3 2 Restore Vitality / 3 turns
Hail Storm Hydrosophist5 3 Area Water damage, sets Chilled

Divinity Original Sin 2 Necromancer Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
Blood Sucker Necro1 No Consume blood to heal Vitality
Decaying Touch Necro1 No Melee damage, target takes damage from healing / 2 turns
Mosquito Swarm Necro1 No Ranged damage, restores Vitality
Raise Bloated Corpse Necro1 No Summon cadaver that can explode
Raining Blood Necro1
No Douse fire, create blood surface, set Bleeding on targets
Bone Cage Necro2 No Increase physical armour for each corpse in area
Infect Necro2 No Melee damage, set Infected on target
Living On The Edge Necro2 No Target can’t drop below 1 Vitality / 2 turns, even if summoned
Death Wish Necro2 No Bonus damage for lower Vitality, but take damage each turn
Raise Bone Widow Necro2 No Summon bone creature that heals by consuming corpses
Shackles Of Pain Necro2 No Target takes your damage in your place
Last Rites Necro3 No Take piercing damage, then resurrect ally
Silencing Stare Necro3 No Silence targets in area effect
Black Shroud Necro3 1 Set Blind and Suffocation in area effect
Grasp Of The Starved Necro3 2 Ranged damage, sets Crippled on all targets
Blood Storm Necro3
3 Set Disease and Decay on targets, transforms water to blood
Totems Of The Necromancer Necro5 3 Corpses turn to Bone Totems that deal ranged damage

Divinity Original Sin 2 Polymorph Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
Bull Horns Polymorph1 No Grant new attack, increase Retribution
Chicken Claw Polymorph1 No Transform target into chicken / 2 rounds
Tentacle Lash Polymorph1 No Ranged damage, set Atrophy
Chameleon Cloak Polymorph1 No Set Invisible / 2 turns
Heart Of Steel Polymorph2 No Regenerate Physical Armour
Spread Your Wings Polymorph2 No Fly and ignore ground surfaces
Spider Legs Polymorph2 No Create Web surfaces
Terrain Transmutation Polymorph2 No Swap surfaces and clouds of two areas
Medusa Head Polymorph2 No Gain petrification attack
Summon Oily Blob Polymorph2 No Earth damage in area, create oil slick
Flaming Skin Polymorph2
1 Immune Fire, lower Water resistance
Icy Skin Polymorph2
1 Immune Water, lower Fire resistance
Poisonous Skin Polymorph2
1 Immune Poison and Earth, lower Air resistance
Jellyfish Skin Polymorph2
1 Immune Electricity, lower Poison and Earth resistance
Skin Graft Polymorph3 1 Remove status effects and reset all cooldowns
Forced Exchange Polymorph3 2 Exchange Vitality total with target
Equalize Polymorph3 No Vitality and armour of targets in area are combined and then redistributed equally
Flayed Skin Polymorph3 No Destroy magical armour and reduce resistances
Apotheosis Polymorph5 3 Reduce cost of all Source abilities

Divinity Original Sin 2 Pyrokinetic Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
Haste Pyrokinetic1 No Increase move speed and AP, remove status effects
Ignition Pyrokinetic1 No Fire damage in close range area
Peace Of Mind Pyrokinetic1 No Increase stats, remove status effects
Searing Daggers Pyrokinetic1 No Ranged fire damage to 3 targets, create Fire surface
Bleed Fire Pyrokinetic1
No Set Fire surface and ignite surfaces
Corpse Explosion Pyrokinetic1
No Deal area damage around corpse
Sabotage Pyrokinetic1
No Explode random grenade or arrow in target’s inventory
Sparking Swings Pyrokinetic1
No Melee attacks create bouncing fire projectiles
Throw Explosive Trap Pyrokinetic1
No Trap explodes in area affect when enemy approaches
Fireball Pyrokinetic2 No Area Fire damage
Spontaneous Combustion Pyrokinetic2 No Ranged Fire damage on target, deal bonus damage for Fire status effects
Fire Whip Pyrokinetic2 No Ranged Fire damage, sets Blind and Burning
Laser Ray Pyrokinetic2 No Line of Fire damage, creates Fire cloud
Supernova Pyrokinetic2 No Area Fire damage, creates Fire surfaces
Flaming Tongues Pyrokinetic2 No Fire damage to approaching enemies
Mass Corpse Explosion Pyrokinetic2
1 Area version of Corpse Explosion
Master Of Sparks Pyrokinetic2
1 Aura version of Sparking Swings
Mass Sabotage Pyrokinetic2
1 Explode 2 grenades or arrows on target
Deploy Mass Traps Pyrokinetic2
1 Create 4 traps
Summon Fire Slug Pyrokinetic3 1 Summons ally to launch ranged attacks and create Fire surfaces
Flaming Crescendo Pyrokinetic3 No Target explodes in 3 rounds (or on death)
Epidemic Of Fire Pyrokinetic3 2 Ranged Fire damage, forks up to 5 times
Meteor Shower Pyrokinetic5 3 Area Fire damage

Divinity Original Sin 2Scoundrel Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
Adrenaline Scoundrel1 No Gain AP, but lose AP next turn
Backlash Scoundrel1 No Land behind enemy and Backstab
Chloroform Scoundrel1 No Destroys magical armour and sets Sleeping
Throwing Knife Scoundrel1 No Ranged damage, can Backstab
Cloak And Dagger Scoundrel2 No Teleport without breaking Sneak
Corrupted Blade Scoundrel2 No Melee damage, set Decay and Disease
Gag Order Scoundrel2 No Destroy magical armour and set Silenced
Rupture Tendons Scoundrel2 No Melee damage, deal damage whenever target moves
Sawtooth Knife Scoundrel2 No Deal damage direct to Vitality, set Bleeding if no physical armour
Sleeping Arms Scoundrel2 No Melee damage and set Atrophy
Terrifying Cruelty Scoundrel3 No Melee damage and set Bleeding, Terrified
Wind Up Toy Scoundrel3 No Summon exploding ally, doesn’t break Sneak
Daggers Drawn Scoundrel3 2 Melee damage multiple times
Fan Of Knives Scoundrel3 1 Melee damage to all nearby enemies, can Backstab
Mortal Blow Scoundrel5 3 Melee damage, doubled if Sneaking, instant kill to enemy at 20% Vitality or lower

Divinity Original Sin 2 Summoning Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
Conjure Incarnate Summoning1 No Summon ally matching element of surface conjured from
Dimensional Bolt Summoning1 No Ranged damage of random type, creates corresponding surface
Elemental Totem Summoning1 No Summon totem that deals ranged damage of corresponding surface type
Farsight Infusion Summoning1 No Grants Incarnate ranged attack
Electric Infusion Summoning1
No Give Incarnate Electricity attack
Fire Infusion Summoning1
No Give Incarnate Fire attack
Poison Infusion Summoning1
No Give Incarnate Poison attack
Water Infusion Summoning1
No Give Incarnate Restoration skill
Acid Infusion Summoning2
No Give Incarnate Acid attacks
Cursed Electric Infusion Summoning2
No Give Incarnate multiple Electricity attacks
Ice Infusion Summoning2
No Give Incarnate multiple healing abilities
Necrofire Infusion Summoning2
No Give Incarnate multiple Fire abilities
Power Infusion Summoning2 No Give Incarnate new melee attacks
Shadow Infusion Summoning2 No Give Incarnate invisibility and stealth attacks
Rallying Cry Summoning2 No Restore Vitality and magic armour based on allies and totems in area
Dominate Mind Summoning2 No Charm target / 2 turns
Soulmate Summoning2 No Remove status effects, target gains half the healing you receive
Supercharger Summoning2 No Summoned creature deals bonus damage but dies in next turn
Warp Infusion Summoning3 No Give Incarnate teleportation abilities
Door To Eternity Summoning3 2 Summons become immortal / 2 turns
Planar Gateway Summoning3 1 Travel between linked points
Ethereal Storm Summoning5 3 Random elemental damage or ally healing in area

Divinity Original Sin 2 Warfare Skills

Skill Level Source Skill Effect
Battering Ram Warfare1 No Move forward in line, set Knockdown
Battle Stomp Warfare1 No Damage in line, set Knockdown
Bouncing Shield Warfare1 No Ranged damage based on shield armour, bounces to other enemies
Crippling Blow Warfare1 No Melee damage, set Crippled / 1 turn
Blitz Attack Warfare2 No Melee damage to multiple targets within area
Deflective Barrier Warfare2 No Increase physical armour, reflect ranged attacks
Enrage Warfare2 No Target is muted but deals all critical hits
Phoenix Dive Warfare2 No Create Fire surface on target area
Provoke Warfare2 No Force enemy to attack you
Whirlwind Warfare2 No Melee damage against nearby enemies
Challenge Warfare3 No Heal Vitality and receive combat bonuses if target dies within 3 turns, otherwise take damage
Guardian Angel Warfare3 No Redirect damage from allies to you
Onslaught Warfare3 2 Melee attack five times in a row
Thick Of The Fight Warfare3 1 Increased damage for each ally in radius
Overpower Warfare5 1 Melee damage, destroy physical armour if your armour is higher than target

Have you found any other skills for any of the 10 main schools while trekking through the Original Sin 2 world? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll get them added!

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Divinity Original Sin 2 Skill List For All Schools? ›

1 Conjurer

The Conjurer is perhaps one of the most overpowered starting classes in Divinity: Original Sin II. Right off the bat, they get the ability to summon elementals and even totems that you can also control, essentially doubling your firepower.

What is the most overpowered class in Divinity: Original Sin 2? ›

1 Conjurer

The Conjurer is perhaps one of the most overpowered starting classes in Divinity: Original Sin II. Right off the bat, they get the ability to summon elementals and even totems that you can also control, essentially doubling your firepower.

How many skills are there in Divinity 2? ›

Divinity: Original Sin 2 offers 12 Skill Schools, with each having a diverse set of Skills players can mix and match with their characters.

What is the max level in dos2 for skills? ›

The max level is not 20, but rather a "soft cap". There are enough experience points to get to level 20 by just doing quests without murdering everything for experience points. if you do all of the side quests, you can end the game at level 22 and if you maximize exp gains, you can end the game at level 23.

Can you respec all characters in Divinity 2? ›

It can be challenging to choose your abilities wisely in Divinity 2, and Larian Studios understands this. Players gain unlimited access to respecing via a magic mirror aboard the Lady o' War from Act 2 onward.

How many hours to beat divinity? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Divinity: Original Sin is about 66½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 109 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Does level matter in divinity 2? ›

So... more important than levels is your gear (which needs levels, sure), your spells/skills, your builds and knowledge of the game. The only stage in the game where levels are REALLY important is the early game (level 2-4). Once you reach level 4, you get the cool (and some op-) skills and you should be fine.

What is the max attribute divinity? ›

All Attributes start at base 5. A newly created character has five Attribute points to spend. Each even level grants an additional Attribute point, ending up with 15 spendable Attribute Points. Attributes cannot exceed 15 unless it is boosted by equipment.

Can you get to level 21 in Divinity 2? ›

Read on the forums that someone was barely able to reach character level 20, but..its possible. Level 21 is REAL! 21-22 is where most people finish the game.

How do you level up fast in dos2? ›

14 Ways To Level Up Fast In Divinity Original Sin 2
  1. 7 Leverage Pet Pal And Persuasion Skills.
  2. 8 Leverage Persuasion Skills. ...
  3. 9 Find Better Gear. ...
  4. 10 Pickpocket Vendors & NPCs. ...
  5. 11 Stock Up On Potions And Healing. ...
  6. 12 Complete Personal Quests. ...
  7. 13 Complete All Main Quests. ...
  8. 14 Explore All The Things. ...
Jun 7, 2021

What level should I be at the end of Act 2 divinity? ›

The End Of Act 2

You should be at least level 16 and have done all party-related quests before you move on to Act 3 (Malady will give you a hint if you still have something important to do).

How many times can you respec your character? ›

This means you'll only be able to respec your character a finite amount of times, so take care before committing to a certain build. The good news is there are 18 of them per playthrough, and you're unlikely to need 18 respecs per run.

Can you become undead in divinity 2? ›

Undead is a Race in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Undead become an undead version of one of the other 4 races, making an effective hybrid Race. The Undead are an abhorred race in Rivellon, considered abominations of the natural order. Those who wish to walk among the living must mask themselves or risk provoking violence.

How many pets can you have divinity 2? ›

The social talents available in Divinity: Original Sin 2 have a capacity of around seven. Because you can only select seven out of 50 for the entirety of the game, people often sidestep choosing Pet Pal for talents that are more helpful in battle.

What is the most powerful armor in Divinity 2? ›

Ave Layal is one of the best armor pieces that Divinity 2 offers for any character who wields magic-based abilities. In addition to +5 intelligence, +2 Constitution and Wits, and boosts to Necromancer and Initiative, it also gives the user immunity to being silenced, alongside the Silencing Stare skill.

Does dual wielding increase wand damage Divinity 2? ›

The Dual Wielding skill is one of the many Abilities and Skills found in Divinity: Original Sin 2. This skill is used by a wide range of characters. It increases the damage you do while wielding two weapons, such as Daggers or Wands.

What is the most powerful staff in Divinity 2? ›

1 Falone Scythe

The Falone Scythe is a two-handed axe that most players agree is the single most powerful weapon in Divinity: Original Sin 2. It gives a huge bonus to Strength, Intelligence, Warfare, and Two-Handed, making it perfect for a close-quarters magic wielder.

What is the easiest class in Divine Divinity? ›

The warrior class is probably the easiest to get started with (and in terms of unique weapons, the game is fairly biased towards swords).

What is the best race to play Divinity? ›

The Elves are the best race to play for story as they can consume body parts and learn new lore from them.

When should I stop beating divinity? ›

You must beat it until it is no longer shiny, but begins to dull in appearance. You must beat it until you beat in enough air that it cools and begins to thicken. You will know when its ready, and if it's thin as syrup, it's not ready. Keep beating.

How many endings are there in divinity 2? ›

Anyway, it appears that there are basically three endings. I chose to side with Dallis and company and feel that this is the "good" ending.

Is divinity 1 or 2 longer? ›

It took me about 53 hours to beat the first game and I did literally everything. I've missed quite a few things so far in DOS 2 and im only about three quarters of the way done with the story. My play time is about 60 hours. So it's definitely longer and also an overall better game.

Is it better to make your own character divinity 2? ›

In fact, the game immediately advises players that making their own character will offer a new set of dialogue options unique to them. Players who want to feel like they're an actual part of Rivellon might want to make their own character.

Can you be a bad guy in divinity 2? ›

Players can become a Hero, a Villain, or both in Divinity: Original Sin 2 by making all the right (and wrong) decisions during the campaign. Players can become heroes or villains in Divinity: Original Sin 2, depending on the choices they make in the game.

What mode should I pick divinity 2? ›

Story Mode is the easiest to play, as it tips the game in the player's favor to focus on the story without the stress of difficult combat. Those who like to sit down with a good book, enjoy the politics of gaming or prefer to destress at the end of the day with a good game will want to play this mode.

Can you get all attributes to level 20? ›

Given the number of attribute points you're given over the course of an entire playthrough, that means you can only max out 3 attributes to level 20 (which leaves you with 5 points leftover for the two remaining attributes).

What is the maximum number of companions in divinity? ›

A player can have up to two companions. If one character has the Lone Wolf talent, the party limits to only one companion. If both characters have the Lone Wolf talent, they cannot have any companions.

How much can you steal Divinity 2? ›

You cannot steal more than the weight or gold limit, and if you try to, you will get caught. You can only pickpocket each NPC once per game with each character.

Can you become a dragon in Divinity 2? ›

A Dragon Knight can shapeshift to dragon form with a Dragon Morph Stone. You obtain a stone after conquering Laiken and taking control of the Battle Tower on Sentinel Island with some help from Sassan.

What is the easiest class in Divinity 2? ›

The Ranger in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the most versatile and easiest-to-play Ranged-focus class in the game. It has multiple attacks that target multiple enemies, as well as self-buffs and party-buffs aplenty. Players can even relocate at a moment's notice.

How many hours does it take to finish Divinity 2? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Divinity: Original Sin II is about 59 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 153 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Can you romance butter divinity 2? ›

How to Romance Butter in Divinity: Original Sin 2. To romance her, simply engage in a conversation with her and make sure to pick the dialogue options that are the flirtiest.

What is Fane's original class? ›

Fane is an undead. Fane's default class is Wizard.

At what level should you leave driftwood? ›

After doing the quests in Driftwood, you should be level 12 (or almost). From here, try rescue Siva. She opens up new quests (very easy). Then follow up on Lohar's quest - which involves Wrecker's Cave.

How many Larval Tears does it take to respec? ›

Once you defeat Rennala, she'll become passive and chill out in her boss arena, where you can respec your character by talking to her, exchanging one Larval Tear each time you want to do so.

Can you reset commander skills? ›

Complete skill reset

To automatically reset all of your Commanders' skills free of charge, click the button below. After resetting your Commanders' skills, don't forget to redistribute your Commanders' skill points again before you join a battle.

How many times can you Reskill Diablo 2? ›

You can respec up to three times per character, once per difficulty (Normal, Nightmare and Hell). To unlock a higher difficulty, you need to complete all five Acts in the game first.

Is lone wolf harder or easier divinity 2? ›


Somehow, the Lone Wolf trait which makes your character more powerful when alone or when there's only one companion, makes the game easier instead of harder.

Can you dual wield in divinity 2? ›

Divinity II

Dual Wield Expertise is a skill that can be used by human characters. Once trained in this skill, it is always in effect. Skill Text: "Not many make such a fierce impression on the battlefield as those who swing a blade in each hand, so engulfing their immediate vicinity in a red wave of extinction.

Does Fane make a good Necromancer? ›

Necromancer and Warfare skills combine nicely to eliminate enemies as quickly as possible. Through the Necromancer tree, Fane also gains some helpful support moves like Infect, which can decrease the enemy's damage when attacking him and his allies.

What is the best magic in divinity 2? ›

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - 10 Great Spells For Beginners
  • 3 Teleportation.
  • 4 Ice Fan. ...
  • 5 Restoration. ...
  • 6 Fortify. ...
  • 7 Armour Of Frost. ...
  • 8 Earthquake. ...
  • 9 Dominate Mind. ...
  • 10 Summon Incarnate. Summoning is one of the most useful skills you can learn in the game. ...
Oct 1, 2022

What is the highest damage build in divinity 2? ›

The strongest build is heavy Pyro/Geo with an emphasis on +crit and +crit damage. You can even heal yourself from the Pyro damage you deal if survivability is a concern.

What is the best class in divine divinity? ›

Since charms can balance out the differences in the hit points and mana points for characters, the only major difference between the classes is the damage they do, and warriors get a huge advantage in that regard. So warriors are probably the best class, regardless of the type of character you plan to play.

What is the strongest staff in divinity 2? ›

1 Falone Scythe

The Falone Scythe is a two-handed axe that most players agree is the single most powerful weapon in Divinity: Original Sin 2. It gives a huge bonus to Strength, Intelligence, Warfare, and Two-Handed, making it perfect for a close-quarters magic wielder.

What is the best class in Devine W? ›

The Wukong is the best class for close-quarters combat in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland classes. It has a holy staff that the legendary Monkey King gave to it. Wukong is a great choice for new players because of how well-rounded his stats and skills are. It's impossible to find a better warlord than him.

Does class matter in Divinity Original Sin 2? ›

The only significance of class is when you pick up companions as you only get to choose from the presets and if that preset comes with a skill you don't like or need, you can't change that until act two.

Which class to start with Divinity Original Sin 2? ›

Recommended Starting Class: Wayfarer

In terms of combat, Pin Down (Huntsman 1) is an easy way to stun targets, with Fossil Strike (Geomancer 1) giving Wayfarer Ifan guaranteed oil puddles. Combined with Elemental Arrowheads, Wayfarer Ifan will be able to customize his attacks to tailor an enemy's elemental weakness.

What is the most powerful armor in divinity 2? ›

Ave Layal is one of the best armor pieces that Divinity 2 offers for any character who wields magic-based abilities. In addition to +5 intelligence, +2 Constitution and Wits, and boosts to Necromancer and Initiative, it also gives the user immunity to being silenced, alongside the Silencing Stare skill.

What is the best healer in divinity? ›

There are two races that excel best as a Cleric and healer of the group in Divinity Original Sin 2. Dwarves should be your first pick for race of your healer if you want them to also be a great at melee damage, due to that races high strength. If youre more concerned with pure healing, then you should go with Lizard.

What is the best crowd control divinity? ›

Crowd Control Magic: The Enchanter is the best choice for early game crowd control. Its ability to do pretty significant water and lightning damage, combined with the chance to make enemies slip or be stunned are pretty great.

What is the easiest class in divine divinity? ›

The warrior class is probably the easiest to get started with (and in terms of unique weapons, the game is fairly biased towards swords).

What is the best class in D immortal? ›

So, take the rankings into consideration, but most of all, play with the characters you most enjoy. So there you have it, the best Diablo Immortal classes for Season 13.
Best Classes for PVP.
S-TierCrusader, Barbarian
A-TierDemon Hunter, Necromancer
B-TierMonk, Wizard
May 9, 2023

Can you beat Divinity: Original Sin 2 alone? ›

Divinity: Original Sin 2 lets players experience the campaign either as a party or as a lone wolf. While the latter provides a great challenge, going in with a party is always nicer since it brings in versatility.

What is Lohse's starting class? ›

Lohse is an Origin or Companion in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Lohse's default class is Enchanter.

What class should IFAN be in Divinity 2? ›

Ifan's default class works well for a reason. The Huntsman skill is extremely powerful in the hands of any character, but a mercenary like Ifan can take it to the next level. His line of work means he's well accustomed to scouting from rooftops, ready to take out foes with well-placed arrows.

How useful is pet pal Divinity: Original Sin 2? ›

It's safe to say that Pet Pal isn't the most valuable talent in the game, but it has its purposes that make doing a playthrough with it worthwhile. Pet Pal allows you to talk to animals. Animals are constant observers of the intricacies of human (and other) interaction both in the game and in real life.


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