I Have Theories About What’s Getting Revealed This Summer Game Fest (2023)

By Eric Switzer

The Summer Game Fest partners have been revealed, and I have some theories about the games we'll be seeing this summer.

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The list of partners for this year’s Summer Game Fest, taking place Thursday, June 8 at the YouTube Theater in Inglewood, California, has been revealed. More than 40 publishers and studios are confirmed to be participating this year, including PlayStation, Xbox, Square Enix, EA, Activision, and CD Projekt Red. While some will be bringing trailers and updates for previously announced games, many will have brand new reveals to show during the livestream. We don’t know exactly what we’ll see this year, but we know enough to make some educated guesses. Here’s the games we expect to see at Summer Game Fest this year - and few we’re really crossing our fingers for.





With Street Fighter 6 launching the week before Summer Game Fest and its future DLC already revealed, there aren’t many other confirmed Capcom games coming up. We’ll likely see Pragmata, given that both of its previous trailers were shown during The Game Awards, and maybe even Dragon’s Dogma 2. We know a new Monster Hunter is imminent, given that 2024 is the 20 year anniversary for the series, but we may not see a reveal for it until Tokyo Game Show later this year. We’re overdue for the next Devil May Cry as well, and I wouldn’t count out a Dead Rising Remake either. Capcom is going to have a massive 2024, and I expect Summer Game Fest will be our first hint as to what next year will look like.


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There was a massive game showcase at D23 Expo last September that revealed a handful of upcoming games. Most exciting among them is the Skydance New Media Captain America/Black Panther Game led by Uncharted’s Amy Hennig. We’ve only seen a cinematic trailer for it, so hopefully we’ll see some gameplay at SGF. We may also see Disney Illusion Island, which launches July 28, and Marvel World of Heroes, a location-based game from Pokemon Go studio Niantic, also a Summer Game Fest partner.

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Square Enix

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Final Fantasy 16 is due June 22, just a few weeks after Summer Game Fest, but we’re hoping to see Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which could also launch this year. Last year, Kingdom Hearts 4 director Tetsuya Nomura said we’d have to wait until 2023 to see more of the game, so if it doesn’t show up here, we can look for it at Tokyo Game Show instead. There’s also the rumored Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster, which has not yet been confirmed.


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Sonic Frontiers has a major DLC update planned for this year that adds new story content and makes Amy, Tails, and Knuckles playable, so expect to see an update on that at Summer Game Fest. Also launching this year is Yakuza spin-off Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, so a new trailer is expected. Hyenas is due out this year too, and had a heavy presence at Gamescom, so Sega could offer more details (like a release date) here. We know Sega is working on remakes of Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi, and footage of the former recently leaked online, so it may be time for a true reveal. There’s also rumors that Alien: Isolation 2 is currently in development, so Sega could have a lot to show us this year.

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Ubisoft will have its own showcase as part of Summer Game Fest on June 12, so don’t expect anything on Thursday June 8. Ubisoft’s show will almost assuredly feature Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, an open-world game that was set to launch in late 2022, but was delayed to late 2023. We’ll also likely see more Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which is expected this year as well. Skull & Bones no longer has a release date, but it will likely be included in the presentation anyway, if only to try to win back some positive publicity. Ubisoft recently hosted a livestream for The Division that provided details on the upcoming The Division Heartland, but expect to see more of that. We also know The Crew Motorfest is coming this year, and it wouldn’t be an Ubisoft showcase without some Just Dance updates. Just Dance 2023 is the final annual installment of the series, with future coming via online updates.


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Electronic Arts has a few confirmed titles coming this year. Immortals of Aveum launches July 20, so we’ll likely see more of it at SGF, and EA is also likely to make a big push for EA Sports FC, the publisher’s first soccer game without the FIFA branding. We also haven’t had an update on Skate in some time, which will be the first online, free-to-play game in the series. F1 23 may get some time in the spotlight as well; it’s launching just one week after the Summer Game Fest showcase.

Warner Bros.

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Multiple leaks and teasers indicate that the next installment in the Mortal Kombat series is expected to debut at SGF. Rumored to be titled Mortal Kombat 1, the next game is said to be a reboot that will feature Homelander and Peacemaker. Warner Bros. may also show us some gameplay from Unbroken Studio’s Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions as well as Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - though the recent delay makes the latter somewhat less likely.

Level Infinite

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Level Infinite publishes a lot of games so it's difficult to guess what it will be presenting. It could be Undawn, an apocalyptic open world RPG that just hosted a closed beta test, or the new V Rising expansion Secrets of Gloomrot. There’s also Nightingale, a survival/crafting game from BioWare veteran Aaryn Flynn’s studio Inflexion Games, which was featured at last year’s Summer Game Fest: Play Days and had one of the biggest trailers at The Game Awards last year.

Indie Studios

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Grinding Gear Games is ramping up for the release of Path of Exile 2 later this year, and while it’s confirmed the game will be showcased at Exilecon in July, we may see a trailer during Summer Game Fest. Dauntless makers Phoenix Labs recently went independent again. The only in-development game we know about is Faefarm, but the studio - which now has four offices across California and Canada - says it's working on multiple titles. Perhaps Dauntless 2 is on the way?

North Beach Games is almost certainly bringing new gameplay footage for Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, a survival/crafting game set in Middle Earth. Pearl Abyss will be showing off the next Black Desert Online expansion, Land of the Morning Light. There’s also Pocket Pair games which develops both Craftopia, currently in early access, and Palworld, which is the Pokemon-style third-person shooter that took over the internet when it was revealed in 2022. Smilegate and Amazon will likely have something new to show for Lost Ark, while Techland is probably preparing to show off the big parkour update for Dying Light 2.

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There will be a lot more we can’t possibly predict at this year’s Summer Game Fest. Those in the LA area can grab tickets for the show on Ticketmaster, while everyone else can watch the live presentation online at 3pm ET on June 8.

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